Centos 6.6 & Ephesoft


Just wanted to share some instructions on how to install Ephesoft Community on Centos 6.6. First, I'm using Vagrant to create my VM. Just take a look here:


And then, I described the installtion steps in this Gist:


Hope that it helps!

How to install Activiti Explorer with Alfresco Community?

This week, I wanted to install the latest Alfresco Community on my local and do some tests. One of the test was about testing a custom workflow. Because I'm always working on Alfresco Enterprise, I use very often the embedded Activiti Explorer to re-deploy a workflow or to delete some instances. And I realized that the Activiti Explorer was not provided by Alfresco. The only available tool is the workflow console which is almost impossible to use. Because Activiti is open-source, I wanted to check if I was able to install the Activiti Explorer in an other webapp and connect it to Alfresco.

First experience with Arduino!

I just wanted to create a short blog to explain my first experience with an Arduino project. I wanted to learn more about IoT, and to create some gadgets. The first idea that came to me is to build a small box that displays the next buses at my favourite bus stop, and if there is any problem on the overground. TfL (Transport for London) provides some APIs to access all these information, and even provide a "countdown" interface to track the next buses (http://countdown.tfl.gov.uk/)

Alfresco Workdesk BPM plugin issue with workflow package items

Alfresco's Workdesk has a BPM plugin to integrate with Filenet P8's BPM product as well as with the Alfresco's Activiti or JBPM. It is very easy to install and configure, there are some examples shipped with Workdesk for reference.

Easy content modeling in Alfresco 5.1

Alfresco just released an early version of 5.1 Community including a graphic tool to model your content model. This release doesn't include only that, but it's the part that I was the most interested by. You can find the complete release note, here: https://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/Alfresco_Community_Edition_EA_201508_Release_Notes.

Starting with Adobe AEM development

I recently started working with Adobe AEM and I would like to share my experience.
Adobe AEM has become very popular the last few years due to its user experience and integration with other Adobe products. It’s a CMS based in Java and OSGi framework, JCR compliant and as you can guess proprietary.
Getting started with it as a developer is not easy since it’s not available to download anywhere and the documentation in the web is overwhelming.

Vagrant for Ephesoft: Get your instance running in 30 minutes...

With the release of the latest Ephesoft for Linux, I wanted to test it and what was inside... But, I was a bit lazy, and I know that some of my colleagues wanted to test it as well. So, I got the idea of creating a Vagrant script. I'm a newbie in Vagrant, but it's used for building complete development environments (https://www.vagrantup.com/).

What about this new 3.1 release of Ephesoft?

Ephesoft released their latest version (3.1) on monday, so I decided to jump on it and to find time to evaluate it... Ephesoft was promising huge changes... So, let's see what's new! I'm not going to check or to describe each new feature but, only the ones that interest me more... You can find the complete list of changes here: http://www.ephesoft.com/wiki/index.php?title=Release_Notes#Ephesoft_Enterprise_Edition_3.1.