About Us

Bataon is formed by a group of young and enthusiastic group of people to leverage the knowledge we've acquired to the world.

We will use this website as a blog to write posts about content that we are interested in, such as Ephesoft, Alfresco, Apache Solr, Drupal and other interesting technologies.

Keep an eye on this blog!!



Adei Mandaluniz

Adei has been working in software engineering and development for more than 7 years, with the last 3 years focused on Alfresco consulting and development. Adei has been passionate about the ECM world since working with Alfresco and enjoys the challenges presented by clients. He has a proven track record in Alfresco consulting and development in different industries (financial, retail, publishing, engineering, etc). Adei is fluent in Basque, Spanish and English.

Ben Chevallereau

Ben is a Software Architect living in London, UK and has more than eight years of experience designing and developing document management systems based on Alfresco and Ephesoft. Ben has worked for different renowned Alfresco partners in Europe and in USA. Ben Chevallereau is certified as Alfresco and Ephesoft engineer.