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Starting with Adobe AEM development

I recently started working with Adobe AEM and I would like to share my experience.
Adobe AEM has become very popular the last few years due to its user experience and integration with other Adobe products. It’s a CMS based in Java and OSGi framework, JCR compliant and as you can guess proprietary.
Getting started with it as a developer is not easy since it’s not available to download anywhere and the documentation in the web is overwhelming.

Workflow status diagram in the document details

One of the cool things Activiti has since its beginnings is the workflow diagram. This diagram is created during the workflow definition, typically using Eclipse's Activiti plugin. During a workflow's lifetime that diagram gets updated indicating the state of the workflow by highlighting the current task.

Activiti Workflow Diagram

Easy Workflows - Activiti Kickstart

With its lastest release of the Activiti Designer, Activiti has moved more than a step forward in workflow definition and development. This tool was first announced a while ago (in the Alfresco DevCon 2013 celebrated in Berlin) and has been a very demanded one from developers and business people.

This tool allows the easy creation of Activiti workflows including deployment to an existing Alfresco repository. Apart from the process definitions, this tool can create the corresponding workflow model and form definitions and deploy them.

Alfresco Share customizations (I)

In our latest post, we explained which are the new features of the new Alfresco version. One of them was easying the customization of Spring Surf and Alfresco Share components. In this blog post we will explain which is the best way to extend and customize the Share UI components and pages.

As you will know Alfresco Share has been built using the Spring Surf technology, which Alfresco contributed it originally to the Spring community.

What's new in Alfresco 4.2

Alfresco has recently released its latest version for Enterprise and Community editions with great new features that makes the end users lives easier.

1. New look

Alfresco has changed quite a bit the look and feel of their main user interface (Alfresco Share), making it cleaner and nicer letting the user focus on the importan content of the page. As the screenshot below shows some management buttons have been moved or replaced by icons, the CSS has been changed to make it sexier, etc.