What about this new 3.1 release of Ephesoft?

Ephesoft released their latest version (3.1) on monday, so I decided to jump on it and to find time to evaluate it... Ephesoft was promising huge changes... So, let's see what's new! I'm not going to check or to describe each new feature but, only the ones that interest me more... You can find the complete list of changes here: http://www.ephesoft.com/wiki/index.php?title=Release_Notes#Ephesoft_Enterprise_Edition_3.1.

Internationalization: Ephesoft supports now French and Spanish. The language is detected from the browser, so depending of your configuration, Ephesoft will use the right language. I decided to test French and I noticed some misspelling errors. The next minor versions will probably fix that.

Themes: It's possible as well to change the theme of Ephesoft. If you just click on the small icon on the top right bar, you have 8 options. I quickly searched how to add new themes but I didn't found how to do that.

SSO: Ephesoft now can be authenticated or authorized using single sign on features configured at clients end. I didn't have the chance to test it but it seems really promising.

System Config: A new tab should appear in the administrator interface called System Config. You'll find on this page, 3 sub-tabs: (1) Workflow management, already existing in previous releases; (2) Application, that I will describe later; and (3) License Details that provides you information about your license.

REGEX builder and tester: This version proposes a lot of tools around REGEX expressions in different pages. In the tab Application of the previous screenshot, you can find a REGEX builder that will help you to build and to test your REGEX.

Batch Class Lock: Ephesoft already provided information about who is locking a batch instance and a button to unlock it. But in the previous releases, batch class could be locked but you had no information about who locked it and how to unlock it. Now, you can do that...

Recostar extraction: In the previous releases, in the Recostar extraction plugin, it was possible to select only one *.RSP file that was executed on the first page of the document. Now, it's possible to provide 4 different *.RSP files, so you can extract information using Recostar from the second or third page for example...

Application Script: This one is more interesting for developers. But, it allows to execute script at the application level. Previously, it was limited within the execution of a batch instance. It was still possible to develop some CRON job but it was harder (as I defined in a previous blog post explaining how to create a Dropbox import). I will probably investigate a little bit more on this feature refactoring my previous blog posts. However, it seems that we can configure only one Java script for the application...

Test Classification: The last feature is to test your classification configuration on samples. Just, upload some samples files in a specific folder of your batch class, and open the tab "Document Types" of your batch class, you'll find a button called "Test Classification". You'll be able to find the confidence score of each page and the one of the document... This feature can be very useful to investigate why the classification module picked a document type or an other...

Finally, this realease really provides a lot of new features to simplify the use of Ephesoft but as well the configuration for administrators and the development for technical engineers. I'm really excited to see what will be proposed by the next realeases, but Ephesoft didn't disappointed me again!! Congratulations to the Ephesoft team!


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