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Ephesoft + Dropbox: What about importing?

My previous blog post was explaining how to create an export plugin, focused on Dropbox. After that, I started to think about importing. An import module is not so easy. The custom workflow management feature proposed by Ephesoft starts effectively after the import. Howevere, there is different ways of importing documents into Ephesoft, for example by email or using CMIS. And Ephesoft provides a CMIS import feature, but strictly speaking, it's not really a module.  So, we are going to find how to do an import feature from Dropbox.

Ephesoft Web Service + RSS + Growl

After my first blog explaining how to get notification on your Android device if some batch instances are pending, I decided to create a simpler way to be informed. Because I'm a Mac user, I wanted to use Growl and creating notifications each time that a batch instance is pending for review or validation.

Create a Dropbox export plugin

After my previous blog post about how to create an Ephesoft plugin, I wanted to do the same exercise from scratch with another plugin. So, I decided to create a plugin to export documents to Dropbox. So, I re-created the same structure of my other project and I cleaned all context files and Java classes. But, I didn't really started from scracth, I used the CMIS export plugin as template.

How to create an Ephesoft plugin ?

This blog explains how I created my first plugin for Ephesoft. I didn't want to create a very difficult plugin but I wanted to highlight the complexity of creating a new plugin, packaging it and deploying it. The blog will be split in 4 parts: (1) the global structure of the project, (2) the Java code, (3) the plugin description, (4) the packaging, and finally (5) the deploying.

How to create web services in Ephesoft?

Here is my first blog on this website explaining how to create new web services in Ephesoft. As you probably know, Ephesoft already provides a set of web services that you can integrate in your own organization. So, my goal was to identify how complex it is to create new web services. First, let's focus on re-creating the web service getBatchInstanceList. This WS displays all batch instances in a specific status.