Vagrant for Ephesoft: Get your instance running in 30 minutes...

With the release of the latest Ephesoft for Linux, I wanted to test it and what was inside... But, I was a bit lazy, and I know that some of my colleagues wanted to test it as well. So, I got the idea of creating a Vagrant script. I'm a newbie in Vagrant, but it's used for building complete development environments (

I just had to create some bash scripts to install everything, and to have an Ephesoft linux installation in less than 20 minutes on my laptop. I tested those scripts on my MacOS and as well on Windows 8.1. First, you need some tools installed on your laptop including githtub, vagrant and finally a virtual box provider (I'm using virtualBox for example). When everything is installed, you just need to clone the Github repo that I created containing these scripts: When it's done, you just need to navigate to the newly created folder with a terminal, and type "vagrant up". By doing that, the vagrant script will download a CentOS 6.5 box, then launch the installation scripts.

In less than 20 minutes, you can enjoy the Ephesoft for Linux and test it!! But, the download of Ephesoft can be quite long (820MB to download), so you may need some patience if your network is quite slow.

Let me know if you have any issues using it!



Thanks for your script, but i've a problem with the step "02...Installing ephesoft", i've this "default: Will check ih the installation is completed in 1 minute..." about 2 hours ? I use the auto download package and test the manually download.

Thx for your help

This step can be quite long... But 2 hours seems really long! To understand what's happening, you need first to connect to you rbox by typing:

vagrant ssh

And then, you can check the log file:

tail -n100 /var/log/ephesoft-install.log

This file will help you to understand what happened. Let me know if you need further help.

Ok i have this error:

Installing Ephesoft using silent installer, please wait...
Please enter a valid option(y/n). Error in user configuration file in input_chan ge_shared_folder_path.
Exiting from script...

I search and i reply if i found ;-)


Can you check if the following file exists ? And if it does contain "input_change_shared_folder_path" ?


This file should be exactly the same as this one:

Yes the file exist and values are the same like

I don't understand but i continuous

In this case, you have 2 options:

(1) Contine to install Ephesoft using the "silence" option by typing:

cd /tmp/ephesoft

./install -silentinstall

(2) Or you can install Ephesoft uisng the interactive mode by typing:

cd /tmp/ephesoft


Thx for your help but the installation don't work:

LibreOffice is already installed on the system.
Ghostscript is already installed on the system.
Imagemagick is already installed on the system.
Leptonica is already installed on the system.
Tesseract is already installed on the system.
Error occurred while enabling the tomcat port.
find: `/etc/sysconfig/iptables': No such file or directory
Error occurred while replacing values for portNumber.
Copying service file.
Ephesoft service created successfully.
2015-08-24 16:04:01
============ Ephesoft installed successfully =============
[root@localhost ephesoft]#

i try with a clean installation or i give up

It's definetly weird. But it seems that Ephesoft completed the installation anyway... If you open your browser on, can you see anything ?

No don't work... But thank you for your help I start the procedure from the beginning

OK, let me know if I can help you in anything else...

I ran in to the exact same issues as the originator of this thread. Has there been any additional information to assist in setting up ephesoft?

So if you're installation is stuck on the message "Will check ih the installation is completed in 1 minute...", something is wrong on your install. To debug it, just open the file "/var/log/ephesoft-install.log" on your server. This file contains all messages related to your installation. You can send it to me if needed.

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