Create a Dropbox export plugin

After my previous blog post about how to create an Ephesoft plugin, I wanted to do the same exercise from scratch with another plugin. So, I decided to create a plugin to export documents to Dropbox. So, I re-created the same structure of my other project and I cleaned all context files and Java classes. But, I didn't really started from scracth, I used the CMIS export plugin as template.

How to create an Ephesoft plugin ?

This blog explains how I created my first plugin for Ephesoft. I didn't want to create a very difficult plugin but I wanted to highlight the complexity of creating a new plugin, packaging it and deploying it. The blog will be split in 4 parts: (1) the global structure of the project, (2) the Java code, (3) the plugin description, (4) the packaging, and finally (5) the deploying.